Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Have camera, will eat . . . I mean "shoot."

I got call from one of the sweetest and kindest person I've ever met. She said, "Hey! This is totally random, and you can say no if you want, but if I offered you a glass of wine and some desert, would you . . . " OK, you fill in the rest of the question and I'll tell you my answer.


OK, what did I just say yes to? Well, this . . .

This was totally challenging for me because it was in low, low light and FOOD! I've never shot food, other than my kids' birthday cakes, and that doesn't make me a "food photographer!" LOL!!!! GREAT EXPERIENCE is what this was, believe it or not.

Kelli's sister Natalie Wilbur (who lives in Pasadena and works for the Four Seasons as their event coordinator) decided she's going to give catering a go. I think she's going to do GREAT! She makes KILLER deserts! And you should see her inspiration book. It's absolutely amazing! I can't wait until she debuts her new website, The Spotted Apron. I'll be sure to repost a link to her website for all of you because she really wants to get this business off the ground. And if you live in the Central Valley, she would absoulutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to cater your event as well. She travels . . . with her Spotted Apron.