Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Madalyn, Julia Roberts, and a brother

No pics in this post, just a funny story for those of you who know my daughter (and more importantly, the dry humor my son has which was inherited from his father) . . .

SETTING: We're watching "The Pelican Brief" on TV during our foggy day morning school delay and the conversation goes like this.

Me: Hey guys, do you know who that woman is?

Kids: No.

Me: Only the best actress of all time, in my opinon. Julia Roberts. LOVE HER.

Madalyn: Well, I'm about to beat her.

Hayden: Madalyn, you've never been to Hollywood and the only acting jobs you've had are in Tulare County.

Madalyn: Well, someday I'll have more acting jobs outside of this area!

Hayden: Hanford doesn't count.

Gotta love the confidence big brothers give to their little sisters!