Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Baby Faces!

I know someone who is ANXIOUSLY awaiting to see this sneak peek! Actually, it's not even a sneak peek for her because her gallery is done and ready for viewing, but I thought I'd give you all a little something new to look at rather than Oprah! Seriously!

This little guy is so cute. In all honesty, I was nervous as a cat that I didn't get anything worthy to show this new mom. I was in major panic city because I was working against several odds. First, I broke one of my favorite lenses in the Bahamas. Yep, flat out dropped it like a hot potato. I wanted to cry, but mascara runs and sunburns just look flat out terrible together, so I sucked it up and kept shooting.

So, I had to do this baby shoot with a "refurbished lens". It was my lens, but it was a lens I had recently taken to our local camera shop to say, "Is it just me or is something wrong with this lens?" I think they hear it all the time because I swear they all went in the back room, rolled their eyes, cracked up and shot daggers at me! BUT . . . I have good news! IT WAS THE LENS that was getting blurry shots. So I picked the fixed lens up the day of the shoot and LOW AND BEHOLD, I'm in love again with my old lens. My good ole "cruddy kit lens." It didn't fail me. SPOT ON SHARP pictures! YEE HAA!!!! I love them! (Did I ever let on how scarry nervous I was Tracy? I hope not!) And I think this little guy is thinking . . "You mean YOU are TELLING my mom and the rest of the world this? ARE YOU NUTS?"

Yep, pretty much nuts. And real. And yeah, I don't hold too much back. Have you noticed?

And then, not only do we have lens issues, but we have crabby baby syndrom. Yep, the little guy wasn't going to smile to save his life! BUT THAT'S OK! Little did he know I got shots of all those goofy faces he makes and have deemed him "THE FACE." I put his little faces in a great big picture that I think would look FABULOUS on a canvas. A BIG CANVAS. I'm talkin mondo huge! OK, maybe not that big, but for sure a 20x20!

I've had a ton of Internet issues (the joy of living in the country) and not to mention I'm working on a big project right now for my children's school. So Deene Souza Photography has had to be a bit on hold. But I've got several photo sessions to post for you all to see. I'll try to get them up in the next few days.
I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek Tracy and I'll send you the info for your gallery. CIAO!