Saturday, May 3, 2008

Random Deene . . .

I’ve been tagged by Erin from Studio 317! I've never been cybertagged before! So for all my new blog readers, this means I need to answer some questions as part of the game! And I'm all about games, so I'll share 6 random things about myself. Actually, I think this is going to be difficult! LOL!!!

Here are the rules of this little game:
1. link back to the person who tagged you. (this would be her)
2. post these rules on your blog.
3. share six unimportant things about yourself.
4. tag six people at the end of your entry.
5. let the tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blog

Random Deene #1

I've been linked to the Internet since 1987. Yep, pretty much last year in November, I could have had a 20 year Internet anniversary. Actually, there really wasn't an "Internet" in 1987. Just a bunch of bulletin boards and about 500 people that subscribed to this thing called AOL. Oh yeah . . . they offered us to buy "stock" in this "start-up company". I was a college student at the time and pretty much living on Top Ramen, so not a lot of money to invest $1,000 that would now be worth about $500,000 today. My mom thought it wouldn't be a good investment either. Oh well. ;)

Random Deene #2

I have a love hate relationship with sports - that's why I'm a natural cheerleader! When I was in Junior High, I played basketball because I was tall. TALL. The coach saw promise in me . . . until I almost (or maybe I did . . . I just choose to forget) scored for the other team. It was really exciting when the crowd went WILD while I had the ball. And man I must have been fast because no one was anywhere close trying to defend me. Go figure. So that's when I decided to become a cheerleader. Now I am a FOOTBALL FANATIC. I'm crazy crazy for football. In fact, I declare a national holiday in our house during College Bowl Week. Basically, don't ask me to do anything except curl up on the couch in my jammies, laptop nearby, remote "control" (and I mean I'M IN CONTROL, no one else), cup of coffee, and if there is rain and fog in the forecast, EVEN BETTER!

And I love watching my own son play. So exciting! I can't wait for September! GO CVC CAVALIERS!!!!!! GO BULLDOGS!!!!!!! FIGHT ON SC! (those are my teams)

Random Deene #3

I've had a ton of different jobs and careers.

1. Secretary/bookkeeper for my dad

2. Gottschalks employee

3. ManPower Temporary agency

4. House Of Fabric employee (uh hu, I'm serious!)

5. Real Estate Agent for Century 21 and Craig Smith & Associates

6. Mary Kay Beauty Consultant (yep . . . had a MK car . . .red Pontiac Grand Am)

7. Substitute teacher

8. Ghostwriter

9. Tim Souza Cattle Co slave. . . I mean owner (::wink::)

10. And now this

Random Deene #4

I am so hooked on Grey's Anatomy, its crazy. I think that it's the best show ever. I've downloaded it to my iPod and watch it when I work out. And sadly enough, I haven't watched a GA episode in ages . . . nor have I worked out.

Random Deene #5

I have to read my email in the morning before I can do anything else.

Random Deene #6

I love to scrapbook . . . in fact, my obsession started when I was chosen as a finalist in 2005 in the eBay One of a Kind Scrapbook Design contest. I didn't win the grand prize, but I was given $750 to purchase scrapbook supplies on eBay and I got a great scrapbook out of the deal, one to cherish forever.

OK, so now I'm tagging my sorority sister Lisa, a special client Zann, Meg - a photographer from Exeter, and yet another photographer friend - Traci, and 2 more . . .