Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Redecorating . . . my computer!

Yesterday, my mother and I had this hilarious conversation about hobbies. You see, she is forever wanting me to remodel my house. SHE is constantly remodeling a house somewhere. She loves it. It's her total hobby. NOTHING (well, almost nothing) would make her happier than to see Tim and I knock out a wall and add on to our house. Total remodel. Fortunately, Tim and I know that we can barely survive the review of the VISA bill each month, let alone a remodel where you ineveitably go over budget by like 110%! And let's not mention the mess you live in while trying to remodel.
NO. THANK. YOU. I'd rather move.
Fortunately I'm quite happy where I live. It's home. It's cozy. And I recently found some extra storage space for toliet paper in my trees. WOW.
Now, my computer is a total 'nother story. I love having the latest and greatest gadgets in technology. I've been this way for YEARS! I have to "remodel" my computer like every other month because there is always something new and exciting to add to it or use with it. Anyone else like me?????
So mom . . . this is another post for you. I'm remodeling. . . . my computer desktop. Here's what I'll look at every morning when I turn "A Dell" (my pet name for my computer) on.

You can get your own version of this desktop here. If you are having trouble making your own desktop calendar, just let me know and I'll gladly help you out. It's easy peasy. Oh, and I forgot to mention, on the first of every month, she uploads a new calendar for download. Man, I'm gonna be B-U-S-Y redecorating!!!!!!!!