Saturday, July 5, 2008

A challenge for you . . .

I know this blog is supposed to be about photography, but sometimes I just have things to say . . imagine that! So because I own this blog, and I can post what I want on this blog . . . I have a challenge for you!

There is a young lady that goes to my church who was diagnosed with Diabetes as a child. I can remember when all of the testing and diagnosis was happening to her as we go to the same church as her and her family. Anytime something life changing happens to someone from your church family, you worry for them and the way something will alter their life. It's funny how much of a shock it is to find out that someone you know has a "disease". Hannah is a junior in high school and has diabeties. A disease, if you will. When I see this girl though, I see a normal teenager. A gifted musician. An intellectual young woman who is going to make great changes in the world. I never look at her as a child with diabetes. And I'm sure one of the reasons she's handled her "condition" so well is through this summer camp she's attended since the beginning.

I can even remember the first time we received a request to donate to this camp. Money was T-I-G-H-T when this request came in. We didn't even think twice about donating. I donated for the simple reason that a parent of a child who I personally knew asked me to contribute. So what if I couldn't "buy" something for myself that month. I just hoped that my donation could help make a difference in a child's life that I knew. And now I feel like my donation has paid off. It feels good to know that she continued to go to this camp each year and connected with kids to help her understand her condition all the better.

So here's the challenge. Hannah has a website where you can personally donate to her childhood camp to help make a difference in more camper's lives. If you have the means to help Hannah collect money to reach her goal, please do. If not, don't worry, you can still watch her progress on my blog to the right. There's a little fundraising "widget" on the right that shows her progress. It's pretty cool. And so is she!