Thursday, August 21, 2008

Calling in the troops!!! I need your help!

Well, you know me . . . I'm contest obsessed. And I did it again. One of my photos that I took this summer at a family reunion has been chosen as a finalist for a monthly photo contest by one of my favorite photographers, Me Ra Koh. So naturally, I need your help. If you click on the link, you can visit her blog and see the five finalists. She explains how to vote for your favorite photo (hopefully it's mine, but if it's not, that's cool too, just vote. You might win something also!)

My picture is by no means a "work of art". It's a great snapshot. Technically speaking there are definitely "issues" with it, but sometimes you have to sacrifice rules to capture moments. I've talked about that several times on my blog. Moments are more special to me than a perfectly composed picture. And this moment could never be recreated. In fact, it barely happened! Poor Daniel, on the bottom, had kids crawling all over him for almost 3 days straight.

Anyway, I think the reason this photo is so special is because it will probably be the last photo of all these cousins, together, at the same time (unless it's a wedding). My mother and father in law have hosted a family reunion for over 35 years, every single summer, in their backyard. The reunion has grown to well over 50 people with kids having kids, getting married, etc. It's a huge event to put on, but this was the last year at her house. So we hope that we can continue it SOMEWHERE, but nothing has been planned yet. And everyone's finances are so different that the place has to be affordable for everyone and someplace that is easily accesible for people all over the state and the USA. It's just sad that this won't be happening anymore because it truly was the highlight of my children's summer each year. They wouldn't miss a BEAT of the reunion.

So if you feel so inclined to pop over and vote for my picture, I'd love it . . .

OH, and MOMS (or soon to be moms) . . . Me Ra has some videos that she's created that are just AWESOME if you've ever thought about learning more about your camera. A few of my favorites are "Refuse to Say Cheese" and "Beyond the Green Box". Seriously, she puts a lot of really technical camera "gar-bage" into laymen's terms. Check her videos out. They are awesome!

So that's it for today . . . Vote for me!