Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Sports Photos!

I'm pretty excited! Today, the yearbook advisor at my son's high school called and asked if I would take some action photos of the football team for the yearbook. Of course I said yes! What an awesome opportunity to learn and improve photography skills. I really have a new respect for sports photographers and basically newspaper photographers in general. They really know so much about cameras and how to push them to their limits . . . it's awesome. Such geeky camera talk, I know.

Last weekend I shot a couple gigs of pictures at the Visalia Cavalier's Football game. I got a lot of great tips on shooting sports from Kevin Ford. I just wanted to publicly thank him for sharing his knowledge with me and encouraging me. He was a wealth of knowledge and I'm sure I'm going to get to talk with him a lot more over the course of the next few years on Friday nights! If you are the parent of a CVC High School sports players, be sure to check out his pictures for sale. There are some great shots of your kids! And then when you are done with his, check my shots out too. All proceeds from the sale of my sports shots will be donated. Read the front page of the site to find out which club gets the money!
So if you have an athlete at a game I happen to be at, and I have my camera, ask me to get their picture and I'll do my best to capture them on film!