Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween ghoulies!

I'm so excited to know that people actually DO read my blog and that when they land here they are not just searching for Stan Carrizosa! (Those that follow this blog know what I'm talking about! LOL!! How can I promise that poor kid that I'm NOT stalking him . . . he'll never believe me.)

I received the following entries for the kid's Halloween photo contest. I love them! I love it that kids are taking pictures! It's so fun to see the world through their eyes. There's a lot of great things I should point out about these pictures.
  • I love the colors!

  • I love that poses were actually thought about but still look spontaneous.

  • I love that someone remembered to get a big GROUP picture!

  • I love that one child documented details, as in the cookie picture and the "candy bucket".

  • And belive it or not, I also love that entry #7 has a suburban wheel in it. Know why?? Because 25 years from now when that child looks at that picture they probably won't remember the Halloween night, but they will get a kick out of remembering the car that mom and dad drove 25 years ago. Trust me, 25 years ago our rims and tires were cool, but not like that!

  • I love the use of texture in the chain link.

  • Oh, and I LOVE the colors! Did I already say that?

  • I love that kids took the time to enter the contest and that parents helped them. Thankyou!

And the winner is . . . . . . . . Going to be announced later. I can't choose. I need some unbiased help. Hang tight! And be sure to leave these kids some love in the comments section! They did a great job!