Sunday, November 23, 2008

WINNERS WINNERS! And a new kid contest!

Uh yeah, I'm the loser! Kids, I'm so sorry! Did you think I forgot about you? Well no way! I've been busy busy helping people with family pictures and Christmas cards, the Halloween contest just blew right past me! So, I need to announce a winner. I just cannot pick one winner because I love them all SO much! So here's what I'm gonna do . . . . category winners! Yep, I have more than one winner!

Best Example of Memory Detail - Lexi Medcalf for Entry #1

You know I'm all about details. Photography is not just about taking pictures of faces and places, but the details that make those faces and places special. Imagine this . . . you are a 7 year old like Lexi . . . you walk into a Halloween party and ALL THOSE GOODIES are on a beautifully displayed table. Just what do you think is going through that child's mind at the time??? As a mom, I know we are all thinking, "HIDE IT! SUGAR HIGH!!!! YIKES!" But a child is like OVERWHELMED with excitement! Lexi . . . I love your photo and your documentation! It was fabulous! THANKS FOR ENTERING! Can't wait to meet you. Have your mom contact me to set up our special little meeting, k?

Best Use of Color - Sara Vanderpoel for Entry #2

Another thing I'm totally in love with . . . COLOR! Bright poppin' your socks off color! Sara did a great job of capturing outrageous color in this picture. I love it!!!!!! It's really hard to get good pictures at night like this with a flash and all (BTW, I hate flashes. Turn those puppies off unless you just have to use them like Sara did because it's pitch black.) Anyway, Sara did a great job with capturing details as well, but she wins for killer color! THANKS FOR ENTERING! I can't wait to photograph that cute little smile of yours. I'll be in touch . . .

Best Job of Imitating Me - Ava Vanderpoel for Entry #4

Yeah, I pretty much stunk as a mom this year at Halloween. Can you believe that the only picture I have of my daughter dressed up in her costume is Ava's entry? I'm pathetic. But not Ava! She KNEW how to tug at my heart strings! Thanks so much for capturing this moment of my daughter! I love it to death! I totally owe you for this! It'll be documented in the scrapbooks for shizzle (shizzle means sure for all you non-rappers out there). THANKS FOR ENTERING! We're gonna have FUN again!


So I know all you kids are totally excited to enter the next contest. I think I'll give you a bit more time to enter this time! LOL!!!!! And of course, I bet you can't figure out what the theme is going to be?????? GOBBLE GOBBLE everyone. So kids, get your cameras out. Capture a picture of what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving. Along with the picture, please send me a little explanation of why you are thankful and how the picture relates to your thankfulness. Trust me, I'm not looking for anything that sounds like it was written by a poet . . . just little ole you. And it doesn't need to be long. A few sentences will do . . . unless you have a lot to say and I LOVE to read what you have to say. If you don't type, have your mom or dad type it out. Mail all your entries to by November 30 and just maybe I'll pick a winner sooner!

Here's the scoop:
1. Take a picture of your thankfulness.
2. Explain why the picture shows what you are thankful for in your own special words.
3. Picture must be taken by a person under the age of 18.
4. Picture to be sent to by November 30 at midnight.
5. Please limit your photo essay to 1 entries per person.
6. The winner will be announced by December 3.
7. Winner will receive a gift card from Target (one of my favorite stores!)
8. Winner will also receive a one on one photo shoot with me and a personal story board (as long as we are within a doable distance. If not, you'll still get the Target card!).

Feel free to send this to all your friends! The more photo essays I have to choose from, the happier I will be! Flood my mailbox, please!