Tuesday, December 30, 2008

CVC Winter Formal - Blog Post Request (Tulare and Visalia Family Photographer)

I was chatting with a friend the other day who has a daughter who has been watching my blog to get some info about the CVC Winter Formal! She's in junior high and can't wait until she can go next year! I never posted any info here . . . don't know why! SORRY! So for everyone interested in a few pics from the formal, here you go. Many have seen this if you are one of my FACEBOOK friends (ps . . . I always love adding new friends so add me if you are a FB addict like me).

Sorry, but I haven't figured out how to get my pictures off of my network hard drive and onto my new iMac! Poor me. In the meantime,
you'll just have to see them on the link above. Once I figure it out, the post will be updated with pics!

PS - Isn't he just the handsomest???? And his date was and is absolutely gorgeous! They were SSSSOOOOO cute!