Friday, December 26, 2008

The most creative gift winner is . . . .

We celebrated Christmas at our house on Christmas Eve. My husband and I were so fortunate to have both of our parents at our celebration along with my paternal grandparents, an aunt, a cousin and his friend. Oh, and our children were there too! Can't forget them! The evening started out with a gift exchange. I raked in . . . let me tell you! My mom, who is basically afraid of technology decided her iMac was too difficult to learn how to use so she bought herself a new computer and gave me her old one. T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only downside to that was erasing the 5,001 emails she opened and decided to save. If you ever needed a funny email video (I'm sure none of you are lacking in those), I'm quite sure my mother HAD a library of the funniest video emails ever posted to the Internet!

One of the more entertaining and creative gifts of the evening came from me, my husband, my brother and his wife - a joint gift for my parents who have everything . . . except for this . . .

Wanna know the funniest thing about this bike other than the fact my dad will probably never pedal and it could be the cause of a divorce? My mom TOTALLY guessed this present about 3 days before and I never even gave her one stinkin' hint! She's just that good. How did she know? I think they are gonna have a blast on it and will totally start a new trend with their friends. Come on guys . . .

So that gift was pretty creative, but this one takes the cake! Madalyn put an envelope under the tree a few weeks ago. Usually I'm terribly curious and do my darnedest to open everything because I hate surprises. But I let this one rest. I knew it would be sweet so I waited. She wrote me a poem. I'd love to share it with you:

A Special Christmas Poem For A Special Mom

You buy me things on the rack
Sometimes you even scratch my back
You make me do chores for my own good
Even when I know I definitely should
You put clothes on my back and food on the table
You even pay for the entertaining cable
You always make sure I'm having loads of fun
And monitor that I'm not fighting with your number one son
You taught me its not lady like to fart
And always to completely follow my heart

Merry Christmas, from your daughter who loves you!

OK, so she wins! Wasn't that just the sweetest poem ever???? I love it! Definitely getting framed. And it's funny, I don't have any idea where she gets her ability to use words so creatively! Maybe this next group of pictures will give you some clues:

Top right picture is my mom, Madalyn and myself - trying to cross my eyes but actually just looking confused! And then of course on the bottom left you have the annual spoon hanging demonstration. Thanks to my mom, she's passed on her many talents, one of those is being able to hang spoons from almost any part of her body - well almost. Top left is my grandmother and my cousin Richard who is 10 years my younger. We discovered we'd be turning 40 and 30 together this summer. Yikes. And then on the bottom right we have Miss Mad who turns eleven tomorrow. We celebrated her birthday a tad early this year. I'll post more about the birthday tomorrow . . . it's quite the story!

Don't all holidays have to have a story? Well ours is no exception and you all know I love to tell stories, so her goes. This is my BELOVED cat! I ADORE this cat!

He/She originally started out as Carley; however, when I took Carley in to get fixed, the vet informed me that Carley's name should be changed to Carl. Now we call "her" Carl. We can't quite get past the he/she thing! ANYWAY, a few weeks ago, Carl snuck into my closet where I hide Christmas presents under lock and key. I'm the only one with a key, so I know who goes in and who goes out. Well I couldn't find him for hours and was devastated. Finally he meowed loud enough for me to hear and I rescued him. Well, on Christmas Eve, he went missing AGAIN! My husband kept saying, look in the closet. I said, there is NO WAY he could be in there because I haven't been in there in a few days! I went to town to pick up the bikes and low and behold, who do you think got into the closet with my key? Madalyn. Apparently she hates surprises too and decided to look at all the unwrapped presents. Well . . .who do you think snuck in the closet? Carl. So all Christmas Eve I called his name thinking he got outside and was just sure I'd find him smashed in the road the next morning. When I went to get the stocking stuffers out of the closet . . . CARL BOLTS OUT and basically reads me the riot act! Luckily he was OK, but really he needs to develop a fear of closets. It's not serving him well. Oh and guess what . . . I can't find Carl again. I'll let you know tomorrow if I find him . . .