Monday, January 12, 2009

Recent Family Session (Tulare and Visalia Family Photography)

Yeah for me! Post #100! I can hardly believe that I've posted 100 times on this blog. The best posts are the ones with pictures, I think. So to honor my 100th post . . . I'm sharing some pictures I did of the Vanderham Family back in November. You know . . . we had to keep these pictures secret. No one could see until the Christmas card went out. Wish I would have done that with everyone . . . but then I'd have nothing to post! Oh well . . . live and learn. Next year will be better. But without further adieu . . . my faves from their session with me! (oooh, I have a few more . . . but I'll save that for ANOTHER post . . . ::wink, wink::)