Monday, January 26, 2009

Snow Bunnies!

Had a blast last weekend driving up the very, very, very winding road up to the Sierras! Oh man, that's a curvy road with a lot of drop offs that go really, really far down. Mom and Grandma, you would have never made it. Yikes! So the very minute we saw snow (around 4,000 feet) that was bigger than a puddle (have I mentioned how much we need rain in the valley and snowpack in the mountains?), we stopped and took pictures. I had this vision of snow covered trees, light snow falling, winter wonderland look, right? Uh, no . . . this would have to do. LOL!!!! I don't think I like driving in the mountains. But the good news is we saw the sun and prior to that we hadn't seen the sun in quite a few days. Had a wonderful relaxing lunch at The Gateway above Three Rivers while enjoying the sun. SSSOOO NICE.
The fun pictures below are of the Vanderpoel girls and my daughter, Madalyn. I'll be posting another surprise with these pictures a little later, but for now . . . ENJOY THE SNOW!