Monday, February 23, 2009

Do I hear wedding bells?? (Tulare/Visalia Family photography)

I've done something I said I would never do. Yep, I took pictures for a wedding. And you know what, this isn't even the first wedding I've done!
First, I was asked by Erin of Studio 317 to help at her brother's wedding last October. I haven't blogged that yet, but seriously, it's about the funniest story ever. I'm gonna save that one for another post. Sorry guys. You're just going to have to wait to hear about that. It's quite the story and quite the experience! LOL!!!!
A few weeks ago I was asked by Stacy Welch to help her shoot a wedding on Valentine's Day. SSOOOOO honored, but . . . . Oh my! Seriously, the last wedding was such a fun experience, I was really excited to do another one. I absolutely LOVE being the second shooter. It's pretty fun to not have the pressure of getting "all the right shots". I just show up, take pictures, don't stress about anything, and just get to be creative and shoot whatever I see that I think the bride and groom would want to remember. At the end of the day, I give the hired photographer my images and AAAWWWAAAYYYY I go . . . back to my own little life that enjoys taking pictures and making people happy. One of the things I've enjoyed SSOOO much is the friendships I've made with other photographers in the area. Lunches, coffees, bible studies, and second shooting has been a great way to meet new friends that I share a common interest with. I love you guys! I hope I can help you out more and more . . . just ask! It's so fun!
Although I was only able to shoot at the wedding and a little bit before hand, I got some great pictures that just SCREAMED to be processed in BW! Matt and Jennifer were just about the most gorgeous humans I've laid eyes on. Jennifer's smile is contagious! She was a gorgeous bride. And Matt was no slouch himself! (just realized I haven't processed any photos of him yet . . . gonna get right on that and post in another post.) But my very favorite wedding party member was Jennifer's son. Love that kid! He was so cute and pretty patient with all the chaos. I found myself pointing my camera in his face more than I probably should have. Wonder why? HHHMMM, might be because I'm more comfortable around kids! LOL! So enjoy the couple shots that I loved. I might post some more later . . . .gotta run and do a bunch of pics for my classes. ENJOY! And congratulations Matt and Jennifer Morgan!