Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Do! . . . . engagement pictures!

This was a first for me! SSSSOOOOO much fun to take Bree Koetsier and Jarred Sleger's engagement pictures. I've never really done an engagement shoot. Bree contacted me back in December and asked if I would like to take their engagement pictures with a theme of Camo and Pearls for their upcoming engagement party. ISN'T THAT JUST THE COOLEST THEME! I was really excited to see (or try to see ...remember, they're in camo so we aren't supposed to be able to see them, right . . .LOL) what they would come to the shoot wearing. Bree is such a fun girl . . . always playing with style. I knew she wouldn't disappoint! And this was the first time I'd met Jarred but I was sure I'd like him and he'd be a great photo subject because I just photographed his brother Rich . . . I mean Rick. :) (SIDE NOTE: I'm onto you dude. Why didn't you tell me I called you by the wrong name the ENTIRE time I was shooting you? Rich, Rich, Rich . . . . you just liked being called something else. I think you are wrong . . . I wouldn't call you by the wrong name! But since you didn't correct me . . . . you are officially RICH to me.)

Let's show some off in color . . . .
One thing I had the most fun with is that everytime I told them to kiss . . . they had NO PROBLEM getting into those shots! SO SWEET! Love young love!

I just LLLOOOOVVVVVEEEE these next two pics . . .

LOVE this last picture! Look at the sky! Blue . . . right out of the camera! I was SSSOOOO excited because the sky was really ugly the day we took these!

I've got more to show off, but I wanted to get these up quickly so that Bree could have some new pics for her Facebook page! (I'm so addicted . . . .look me up on Wastebook guys! I love it!)

(another side note . . . Bree was in my kids' 4-H club not all that darn long ago. I'm feeling WAY TO OLD to know someone in my kids' 4-H club that is getting married! My daughter ALWAYS loved Bree's cows because they would have boas, glitter, flowers, painted hooves, whatever was outside the norm. Total girl cow!)
So Congratulations Bree and Jarred! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. Congratulations on your new home purchase! May God richly bless you in your marriage for eternity! XOXOXO