Saturday, February 28, 2009


The wildflowers are HERE!!!!! Aren't they SSSOOO gorgeous??? I'm throwing this out to anyone interested. On Thursday (March 5) from 10 am -12 pm I'm heading to the hills to take pictures in and of the wildflowers. If anyone wants to bring kids, or even just you, drop me a note at and I'll give you the location . . . I'm not real sure where to go yet, but it'll be close by. We'll play in the wildflowers, take pics of your kids, post them up here on the blog and make them Flower Children (as opposed to rock stars), and you'll get a cool picture of your little guy/girlie out of it!

And because I despise posts that don't have a picture . . . . here's one. It's not a wildflower, but it's a FLOWER with some KILLER COLOR on it thanks to a new processing technique I learned this week through my classes. Here's the before picture right outta my camera:

And here's the after picture from doing a little tweaking in Photoshop. Amazing pop, don't ya think?

WILDFLOWERS . . . . HERE I COME!!!!! Join me!