Thursday, February 28, 2008

Help Valley Oak SPCA

Something dear to my heart is the Valley Oak SPCA. I ran across this little blurb in the Tulare Advance Register today in the public section of the paper where anyone can enter "news":
Calleigh tries to win $5000 for VOSPCA. Calleigh is a 4 pound Chihuahua rescued by animal control and adopted from Valley Oak SPCA. She is currently in a contest to win $5000 for Valley Oak and needs your help. Go to, click on the pink "vote for pets" button and put her name in the search. Then follow the directions on how to vote. Let's win this money for the animals!

Here's a pic of Miss Calleigh. No, I didn't take it. Don't know who did. But I'm quite sure they won't mind if I post this here because I just KNOW all my blog readers will take 5 minutes of their time to go vote for Calleigh. PLEASE?

OH! And one more thing. It's kinda confusing when you try to vote. You click on the picture, then you enter your email to register to vote. THEN, you must research for Calleigh and then CLICK TO VOTE. PLEASE DO IT NOW! Thankyou!