Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Meet "Prints" Charming!

Honestly, this kiddo and I have a love affair going on. I've deemed him "Prints" charminig because these pictures are gonna be A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Such a cutie!
I get to his house and he grabs my hand like he is so excited to see me! I LOVED IT! (Thanks Mom for prepping him and getting him super excited to take pictures! That helped A TON!!!!!!!)
He cannot wait to show me something in the back yard, but first . . . a quick stop at his tractor to rant and rave over the fact that there is SAND on it! The nerve of someone to leave SAND on his beloved tractor!

Next stop . . .

I guess this just proves you should never throw anything away! Mom found this cool car buried behind their house after her husband removed a bunch of scrap metal. Logically, this car is too cute to be left alone. Artistically, I hope it stays there forever and ever!

WHen I was in real estate, one of the first things they preach to you is to never take the same route home. Always go a different route looking for opportunity. That has been my MODE for 15 years now. I love to go different routes seeking out areas I've never been to. So on my way to Prints Charming's home, I took a new route and found THIS place! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE! Isn't it just perfecto for Printsy? It looks like he's wandering through the forest looking for his maiden!

So Queen Kristy, there's a little sneaky peeky for you until I get a chance to finish editing the rest of the photos. Probably won't be until next week as I'm trying desperately not to get sick right now, I have 2 photo shoots today (YIPPEE! :) ), a trip to La Purisma tomorrow, and a weekend full of basketball at the South Coast Plaza . . .I MEAN Ontario Christian School! HHMMMM, wonder where my priorities are? Thanks for having me take J's pics! It was SSSOOO much fun!