Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Shopping Tournament

My friend Sherry sent me a text message this weekend - "How's the shopping tournament?" Well, the shopping was a success. The basketball games were not so good. Really, what I should have done is taken this picture before the 2nd loss. Doesn't this just break your heart?

Despite the fact no one smiled for me, I promise you that our boys were the very best looking boys at the Ontario Christian Basketball Tournament. Man are they cute! And that's not just a mom spouting off. These boys are DOLLS!!!!! OK, onto the tourney details. Some fun things we noticed . . . Melany VanDyke-Albers still owns the 400 yd dash record for her school. WOW! Can you still run that fast Melany? Jay teVelde was All CIF in Soccer. His name still hangs in the gymnasium. And our good friend John Moons has an opportunity next year to be the only coach in OC Jr. High Basketball Tournament history to have a first place team coaching at 2 different schools. Good luck John. I know you are up for the challenge. I can't wait to hear how your boys win the tournament and bring the trophy home for CVC for the first time in history. Big stuff!

So, the guys lost all their games. Does it make it any better if I say that they played the best they've ever played in the last game, but they still lose? Down by almost 30 points, those boys played with an AMAZING HEART and game back to within 3 points of winning. It was a super exciting game with even the non-CVC parents and kids cheering for the boys. Oh, by the way, Hayden is #32. Can you tell?

In the photography world, the biggest victory game after I downloaded the pictures from the game. You see, I was so engrossed in the game, I kinda forgot that Madalyn took off with my camera. YIKES! So I see her sitting down underneath the basket with her friend Cassandra using my camera. "MADALYN! Bring me my camera, NOW!" I totally thought I would need it ASAP to take the victory shots. Instead, I probably should have let her keep the camera. Look at what she got!

I sure hope Madalyn doesn't get too mad at me for putting my stamp on this last shot . . . This was the first shot I edited of hers before I realized, "Hey, I didn't take these pictures! Madalyn did!" I'm too lazy to change it. So credit to Mad for this shot too!