Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bubbles make me happy!

I tell ya what . . . toddlers are REALLY DIFFICULT to shoot pictures of. They run all over creation and just kinda stare at ya. I mean, after all . . . you do have black box sticking out of your face. I just wonder what their little mind is thinking about with the camera chasing them all over the place. I need a lot more practice with this age group! Fortunately, when I did this session with the adorbale Miss Madison, I had some bubbles in my bag which came in handy. Madison had never seen bubbles before, so she had a great time checking them all out... touching them, grabbing them, watching them explode in her face! And can I just tell you how dirty that gorgeous dress of hers was by the end of the session! LOL! Here's a little sneak peak of some of Madison's backyard bubble pics. I created this cool DEFINED canvas idea for her pictures. This whole thing would be printed on a 20x20 canvas. Isn't it cool? Different sizes are available, with different words, and I can do any picture and combo of pictures. The possibilities are endless! Char, your gallery is almost done. I just want to edit a few more pics. I may possibly have it done before I leave on Spring Break too! Wouldn't that be something! Thanks for your patience. It was a rough week last week!