Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 4 - I feel like a sports writer

Today was all about baseballs and food that is not on my diet. Oh well. I walked a ton yesterday, climbed stairs every time I turned around, and carried a 20 pound purse and camera all over Boston to give me a little luxury eating day.

We started the day with laundry. Actually, Tim started the day with laundry. Our jeans, jackets, and socks were so wet from the rains yesterday that there was no way I was going to haul those dirty, wet clothes around for another 7 days. So he went to a local laundromat and did laundry. It's a good project or 'quest" for him. He gets up so early in the morning that it gives him something to do. He always comes back to the hotel room with an interesting story about a local that babysat him while he was on his adventure. (That's our little family funny . . . .anytime we strike up a convo with a local, they are basically babysitting us because we ask them a million questions and take up their time.) The guy Tim met at BUBBLES is a retired realtor who made his fortune selling real estate all over the US, including Newport Beach. As Tim is telling me this story, I hated to burst his bubble, but I said, "If this guy was so successful, then why was he doing his laundry in a laundromat." I guess some people don't think their story through very well. At least the guy could have told Tim he owns BUBBLES!

Next, we went straight to Fenway Park, the oldest baseball park in America . . . but you expected that, right?

Everything is the oldest and the first in Boston! We took a tour and learned tons of interesting facts about the stadium. Even me, who abhores baseball, kinda liked the tour. I read up about it before going so that I'd have some idea of who and what the guide was talking about!
First off, for all you sports fans back home . . . has anyone wondered where this lady is at? (photos below taken with my cell phone, not the Big Girl, so that I could text it to some people at home)

Miss Heidi Watney, former KMPH new anchor, has moved on to bigger and better things! She is now a field reporter for the Boston Red Sox, I think. Either way, she was an important part of the cameras tonight. And good thing there were cameras everywhere because otherwise they may have missed this . . .

Pure craziness developed at Fenway Park. I mean here we are with our children trying to enjoy an All American pasttime, preaching to our children that they have no idea how lucky they are to sit this close, in this historic stadium where obtaining tickets to a game is almost unheard of, watching sports legends who are paid millions of dollars to hit a ball with a stick and this is what they do - fight. What an opportunity we gave our children to watch grown men fight like children. "IT WAS GREAT," according to Hayden. I should also mention that Manny Ramirez hit a three run homerun - and all of this happened before the bottom of the second inning! (I love this picture of Ramirez because you can see the homerun ball soaring . . .right above the last A in AVAYA)
One of my favorite things I love about family vacations is that we HAVE to talk to each other. We can't get away from each other! My kids have really been great. I'm really fortunate because I think they actually enjoy hanging out with each other and doing things together. I hear them giggling all the time, telling secrets to each other. This was a shot I caught of them talking to each other at the game. They didn't know I was taking a picture. You'll see several of these type of "photojournalistic" pictures to come. They are never composed perfectly as a photographer would "like" to see them, but sometimes (actually, all the time in my opinion) photography doesn't have to be perfect. I don't always have time to think about my f-stop or my shutter speed. I just "shoot and pray." I have a moment I want to remember - a time I want to freeze in my mind forever. This was one of those times.

And this shot just makes me laugh! Do you remember how I said I was going to try to avoid the MBTA (T = subway)? We rode it several times today, but this one takes the cake!

Leaving Fenway Park after the game . . . isn't it hilarious! and do you know that not one person looked at me weird for taking these pictures! I just took it! Another thing - we only waited in that mess for about 10 minutes. Within 20 minutes we were safe and sound in our hotel room. I'm amazed with public transportation everytime I use it.

I have one last picture to share with you. I also took this picture with my cell phone. This was the bravest man in Fenway Park. You see, EVERYONE was wearing Red Sox gear except this man and Tim. (I can't even get him to wear Bulldog apparel so I didn't even TRY to get him to wear a Red Sox shirt) The Boston Celtics and LA Lakers are in the Finals and the first game was tonight. Lakers lost, but it's just a minor hickup I'm sure. Anyway, this man was not only the bravest man in Fenway Park because of his Laker spirit, he also made his fortune in creating all the paraphenalia related to the SMURFS. Remember them?

I guess you could also call him one of our family babysitters! We talked his ear off too. Actually we were hoping he'd adopt us and take us to the basketball game with him! LOL!