Tuesday, September 16, 2008

9 Days of Pure Sweetness!

Oh boy, did I have fun! I got the privlege of photographing a 9 day old baby last week! This baby is the newet addition to one of my daughter's good friends' family. A baby sister! It was so funny because Baby J's mom and I just giggled ourselves silly as we watched her stretch, yawn, make silly faces, burp, whatever! It was all so stinkin' cute! Actually, when I had my own children I don't ever remember marveling at the amazingness of it all . . . their little tiny body rolled into a life. I think I was just so busy in the moment of the chaos that I never took the time to really take it all in. Makes me sad, as I think about it, but then again . . . I don't want to relive it so I think I'll get over it! LOL!!! But this was definitely fun to laugh with Therese about the craziness of a new baby and a 10 year age gap between her children! Thanks again for letting me invade your home and capture your newest wonder in her environment. She's just adorable and I'm sure she's gonna be mighty and powerful!