Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hello! I'm still here!

Took a little trip last week with my hubby and good friends, John and Linda Moons. We were both celebrating our 17th wedding anniversaries. We were married about 2 months apart from each other. We travel really well with this couple. They are just a blast to be around. So easy going and very adventurous! None of us like to have too much grass growing under our feet while on a sightseeing vacation. Anyway, we went to visit the Quebec area of Canada. We specifically went to Quebec City, Montreal, and the Charlevoix region. SSSSOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hit the colors perfectly. Never in my life have I seen such beautiful colors in trees! But then again, I doubt I've ever lived through the miserable snow they have to endure for about 8 months of the year either! This is definitely God's gift to people who live in such miserable winter areas! We stayed in castles turned hotels every night, ate at "gastronomic" experiences (I do not like foie gras), enjoyed lots of art from local artists set up in alleys and on the side of the road, and drank good wine! Overall it was a really nice trip and I can't wait to see where we go next with the Moons!

And now that I'm home for a bit . . . my goal is to have all my photo sessions done recently completely edited by Sunday! Stay tuned! It will be a big feat to get all caught up but I really want these done because I need to feel caught up soon!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOX