Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cuteness Overload . . .

First off, I have to show you these.

I'm positive that even if I purchased every sprinkle known to mankind I still could not make cupcakes as cute as these! I wonder if my obsession with these cupcakes has anything to do with the rhinestones on the butterflies and the letters that spell ELIZABETH? Nah, couldn't be. I'm not into anything that sparkles! LOL!

OK, back to the subject at hand . . . LIZZIE! This little cutie has had quite the wild ride in her first year of life. And mom and dad are throwin' a BLOW OUT tomorrow! Thus, the cupcakes that Tina made for the birthday party/photo shoot. So, mom wanted a pic for the cupcake table to match the cupcake dress and the cupcake bow and the cupcake candles and the cupcake invites . . . you get the drift. Basically, she's a little cupcake! And despite my apprehensions that I totally bombed today, I got a few . . .and I think I have a few more to show you eventually; however, as I type this, the clock says 1:14 AM. YIKES! So, I'm gonna post a few of my favorites here and send you a link to your private gallery where there's a few more. Tina, pick your favorite, I'll print it off for you for tomorrow and bring it by around 9 AM. That's when I have to go pick up my own little cupcake! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS LIZZIE!

PS - A great big HUGE thankyou goes out to Laurie Sytsma, owner of A Taste of Holland, for letting us totally bombard her store, remove her delicious homemade cookies from the glass case and replace them with the cupcakes. She was so sweet and accomodating! THANKS LAURIE!!!!!!!!!!