Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another graduation session!

Everytime I do a shoot I always say that is my favorite age to work with. But seriously, I do think I like to work with seniors more than anything. I think trying to get inside their mind and find out what makes someone "tick" is fascinating. As kids get older, they become passionate about hobbies and talents. And this young man is no exception. In fact, he is so passionate about his direction in life, it's been obvious since he was a toddler.

Meet RJ. This guy is off to UTI in Phoenix, AZ (hope I got that right) in July. He really ought to be going to Hollywood though because he totally had his mother convinced that if he had to take pictures, he truly might die. Fearful of what might happen on the shoot, I TOLD his mother she could not come with us. OOPPS. The color drained out of her face. Sweaty palms. I truly think she was a little worried for me. I was a little worried, but hey, that is part of the job, right? I gotta catch the smile. I gotta catch the expression that makes her say, "That is my son. That is so him."
I didn't catch the smile. But was I dissapointed? Absolutely not. I had a great time with RJ. Even though I had some ideas of where I wanted to photograph him, he had many of his own ideas. In fact, my favorite shots are definitely locations he picked out . . . locations that were important to him. You see, every person has a vision of how they see themselves and how they want to remember the moment in time. As a photographer, my job is to recreate that vision. I was glad that RJ had a vision of what was true of himself. He's always stayed true to himself so why should these pictures be anything but that? Trying to get him to smile with full blown teeth just wouldn't be him. A toothy grin has nothing to do with his happiness because trust me, I'm not sure this guy could be any happier with his life than right this very minute. But recreating a vision of these moments in his life actually was important to him. I'm so glad I could be a part of it.
Best of luck in pursuing your lifelong dreams in Arizona. And please . . . don't forget to call your mom. We are all going to be anxious to here how well you are doing!
Enjoy a few of my favorites from the shoot.

I think this last one would look so cool on a canvas. Thoughts? Too wild for ya? ;)