Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 1 &2 of Pure Family Bliss.

I have just one thing to say. I hate red eye flights. Why . . .I mean WHY did I think that a red eye flight would be a good idea? Seriously. Our first day in Boston, where I have like this totally amazing itinerary for our family to do, was completely ruined because by 10AM we were dragging like we hadn't slept in days! WAIT! That's the answer . . . we hadn't slept! Absolutely miserable flight. Totally froze my butt off, although I was still able to see it all when I got off the plane and walked by buildings with mirrored windows. Man, you'd think we were from some country hick town like Tulare and had never seen a building like this!

Anyway, we started off in Cambridge. It's just across the Charles River

and is home to our nation's first university known as Harvard (Hahvad).

We took the T (Boston's subway and the first subway in the nation) to Cambridge and it took us an hour just to figure out where we were going. CRAZY!!!! Another trip planning blunder happened here.

This is commencement week. Yep . . . . the smartest kids in the country have their parents in town to watch them receive a diploma that should hopefully help them to become contributing members to society. Fat chance . . . d0 you see the woman with the mask on in the picture . . . . I didn't even see her until I looked at these pictures. WILD! Well, at least this Harvard qraduate/self-proclaimed Berkley hippie

has made some contributions to society . . . He sits in Harvard Square all day (weather permitting) and plays chess with people. If you lose, you pay $3. If he loses, he pays you $2. And people actually play this guy! OK, truth be known, we were exhausted and a chair sounded great to all of us even if I did make my child play chess with the "stayaway." What's a "stayaway" you ask? Well . . . while trying to break into the Harvard library, the security gaurd gave us a little lesson about really wealthy families. Sometimes they have kids that embarass the society families and they actually ship them off to schools and pay them money to stay away from the family and not embarass them. The library clerk thinks the chessmaster may be one of those people. Sad, huh. But he seems awfully happy doing his thing so more power to him!

Next we went to the Museum of Natural History. Honestly, I knew this was coming. I knew they were going to say something about the theory of evolution in this museum. Afterall, it was a scholar from Harvard who proposed the theory. This is his exhibit.

Madalyn tried to say, you know . . . we do have the mandible and the somethingdibles, yada yada yada. "GEEZ MAD! What does the Bible say about how we are created?" OH YEAH! Then the light went on. But we did have a little bit of fun in there, especially in the monkey area. We thought we'd take a few pictures of "family memebers." Maybe you know someone that these guys remind you of? LOL!!!!

From there, we spent more time negotiating the T. Funny thing . . . .once you get the hang of the darn transport system, it's time to leave. . . . tomorrow is a new day and I'm determined to not get lost on the T . . . or not get on it at all! So, we went back to our hotel room at 11:30 am and pleaded with the man to let us in the room. All I know is that we gave up a specially designed room for us on the 14th floor for one that had clean sheets and beds on the 4th floor. We took it. We are on the 4th floor and doing just fine. In fact, it super duper nice! I could seriously shop all day in this room. The mini bar has a cute tshirt for sale that says RELAX, a teddy bear, and tons of $5 M&M packages! Gotta love those!!!! Just think . . . the same price as a gallon of gas!!!

We slept until 2:00pm and then proceeded to the DUCK TOUR. A good friend said that this was not to be missed. It was pretty cool. We learned a lot about the area, like a quick overview, and went floating down the Charles River too, all in the same vehicle. Really groovy!

After the tour, we went to the North End which is fondly referred to as Little Italy. We had dinner in a little Italian restaurant galled Mamma Maria's. It was really good. It's nothing that I would say, OH BE SURE TO GO THERE, but then again, we were all half asleep because we are so tired.

So here's one more thing that I goofed on. I prepurchased tickets to the Boston Pops. Needless to say, I was the only one who wanted to see them and now I am sitting in my hotel room wondering what song is being played. Bet it is way better than the sound of snoring coming from Tim and the kids! I didn't go and neither did anyone else. Bummer. Tommorrow is a very full day. Freedom Trail. USS Constitution. JFK Museum. I better not have any tired people tagging along with me or I'm gonna get crabby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!