Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One can only hope to find a man like this!!!!!!!!

I am IN LOVE with this picture. I think it may possibly be my most favorite picture I've ever taken! And doesn't it just say a thousand words without saying anything at all???? Where can I find a man just like this? A man who will not only not talk back to me, but sit at my feet and love my shoes?

Meet Na-Pali! This handsome devil is my friend Tracy's love of her life! This gorgeous hunk is 13 years old and actually quite ill; however, like any dirty old man, he gets very excited when his woman is around and puts on quite the act!

Tracy and I met a few years ago through some mutual friends and have really hit it off. I laugh my head off whenever I'm around her and always come away amazed at all the common similiarities we have. Of all our friends, I think we may possibly be the only true dog lovers. That makes us kindred spirits from the beginning.

So as we are doing the big shoot . . . . who could forget to picture the cat! The poser! The cat that wouldn't sit still to save it's life!!!!!!!!!! But I think we got some cute ones of him.

So thank you Tracy for a wonderful time being able to capture some great photos of you and your love. I love him dearly, too! Hope Mexico was fun! Your gallery will be ready shortly . . .