Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's really happening . . .

I've kinda been in denial I think for a few months. I didn't really have a lot of emotion over the whole ceremony and events leading up to it because my friends tell me I stressed way to much about it a year ago. So I thought I was over IT. What is IT you ask? High School. Yep, in about 13 days I will be the mother of a high school freshman. OH MY! It's amazing how fast 14 years flies by (especially since I was only 12 when I had him, right?) Well maybe not that young, BUT I MUST HAVE BEEN TOO YOUNG because I'm still young!!!!!!!!!!!
(photo taken of Hayden on May 23, 2008)

(one of his very favorite teachers, "Mr. E")

So today, I picked up his schedule for the first semester. I was going to let him do it, but he works on the ranch in the morning and the office closes at noon so he BEGGED me to go pick it up. So I did. Promptly called him to relay his schedule to him so that he could compare it with his friend Max. GOOD NEWS! These two have 6 out of 8 class periods together! (Note to self - send all teachers tylenol the first day of school wrapped like a package from Heaven from the two angels!)
(Photos taken at Bass Lake, July 21, 2008)

A few days ago I found the High School handbook online and I thought I should make him read it. I knew that if I shoved it down his throat, it would never get read. So, with my mommy thinking cap on, I laid the handbook ON TOP of the schedule. And just what do you think I caught him doing this afternoon?

There certainly is a God!