Friday, August 22, 2008

The BIG DOG Grandparents!

My grandparents have two dogs. Two BIG dogs. No really . . . BIG DOGS. When I go to their house to visit and ring the doorbell, you hear instant BIG DOG. Nobody in their right mind would attempt to break into their home because it sounds like they'd be eaten alive. But as we all know, BIG DOGS are usually big whimps and I'd have to say that these two would probably end up licking you to death before you'd get the tv through the door.

Last weekend, the kids and I paid them a visit. One of my grandmother's dogs is getting up there in age and hasn't been feeling the best for quite sometime. They've been battling tumors and rear leg problems with him for years. Before I got in the car to go to their house, I remembered to grab my camera. I'm so glad I did. Charlie, the Golden Retriever, had surgery this week. Yesterday was a really rough day for him. I know my grandmother is worried about him, so Grandma, this post is dedicated to you. We're praying for a quick recovery for that bundle of fur that brings so much happiness to your day. And of course, we're praying for patience for both you and Cliff . . . .we know you're going to need it with Max (the black labradoodle and a son/sister to our Lucy and Bella) as Charlie heals! I love you guys!