Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

It goes without saying that Mother's Day is truly the day kids go back to school. FINALLY, after being a travel agent, activities planner, personal chef/short order cook, referee, taxi driver, scheduling agent, nurse, house cleaner, organizer, ATM machine, and a wife (oh yeah, that too), I am back to the regularly scheduled duty of stay at home mom. WHEW! So let me share a few funnies with you from the first day of school . . . .

Hayden and high school. So last year I told him it was the last picture he had to take for me AT SCHOOL with his teacher. Here is Hayden's first day of school picture.

There's nothing like cornering him in the back seat of a car to make sure you get a picture, through the rear view mirror of course. It's the best I could do. Sad, I know. I've lost control already, but I personally love this picture because he was truly excited about his first day of high school. We all were excited. I could tell he was a little nervous, especially when we drove up to the high school and he sat there for a moment and said, "How do I get in?" I want to remember that for the rest of my life. "How do I get in?" At that point I just wanted to squeeze his little cheeks and say, "Darlin', the question is not 'how do I get in', but how can I get out with good grades and an acceptance letter to the college of your choice!"

SIGH. My baby is a highschooler.

And then there is Miss Mad. Gotta love this little smile. Despite the last post on my blog regarding her room . . . . doesn't she clean up nicely? She's had her first day of school outfit laid out for 2 weeks. It's truly exhausting to live with her sometimes because really, she's organized. . . . in her own mind . . . . just like her mom. (side note - Madalyn and a couple of friends have planned out what colors they are going to wear everyday to school until December. See, I told you she was exhausting.)

She really likes her new teacher (5th grade), Mr. VanderHelm. She had his wife as a teacher in 3rd grade and loved her to pieces, too. She was so excited when she came home today with many stories to tell me about her day. The most exciting thing was that she knew the mystery state in Social Studies with the first clue. Wonder what state that would have been? Massachusetts, of course. See, that travel agent job I took this summer paid off! The teacher already thinks she's a smarty!

After school, we went to Chipotle (in Visalia) to eat lunch with one of her friends and her mom and sister. While we were sitting there, I glanced over at a table full of high school boys. Basically, I was thinking about Hayden, wondering how his day went because he was at football practice after school. Anyway, as I'm looking at all the boys, one of them starts to look real familiar to me. I kinda stared at him for awhile, then it dawned on me who it was.

This is Stan Carrizosa. He is currently in the running to be in High School Musical 3. ABC is doing a reality show to find the next Disney stars and he has a very good chance of winning! You can see him on Monday nights at 8PM. SSSOOOO, like any good mother would do, I paid my daughter $5 to run up there and ask him for his autograph and to pose for a picture. He was so nice. Just a doll. He'll be the next Zac Efron. GO STAN! We are rooting for ya! And I know I could have saved myself the $5 because we all know Miss Mad would've done it for nothing, but it just kinda blurted out of my mouth, like a lot of things sometimes. I'm thinkin' Stan needs some posing direction from one of his 5th grade fans! (PS - Stan's sister, Miss Estee was Madalyn's dance teacher a few years ago. Small world.)

So Happy Mother's Day to me. I'm off to get my hair cut and colored. I've developed just a few greys this summer. Imagine that.