Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Contest for your kids! Check it out!

So I'm sitting here all sad and stuff because my kids are getting older. I do that a lot don't I? One kid doesn't want a Halloween costume because he's not trick-or-treating - he's going to be "working" with Dad. The other won't do the cute girly girl costumes anymore and wants to be a rapper. In all actuality, I am pretty impressed with her costume. It's actually very creative and cost me all of about $5!

I'm dying to see some cute Halloween costumes. So I decided to run a little contest. You know me . . . I'm all about the contests! So I got this idea from a photographer. This photographer had kids taking pictures of what summer means to them. The pictures were posted on the blog and a winner chosen. This contest is very similar to that except this one deals with Halloween costumes.

Here's the scoop:

1. Take a picture of your friend's/sibling's/parent's Halloween costume. Be creative! Be scary! Be sweet! Be unique! Rock the photos! Self portraits are cool too!
2. Picture must be taken by a person under the age of 18.
3. Picture to be sent to by November 2 at midnight.
4. Please limit your photos to 3 entries per person.
5. The winner will be announced by November 3.
6. Winner will receive a gift card from Target (one of my favorite stores!)
7. Winner will also receive a one on one photo shoot with me and a personal story board (as long as we are within a doable distance. If not, you'll still get the Target card!).

Feel free to send this to all your friends! The more pictures I have to choose from, the happier I will be! Flood my mailbox, please!