Friday, October 31, 2008

Another cute family!

First off, don't forget to send me your children's photos that they took of their friends in Halloween costumes! I can't wait to see them!

So I have a little sneak peek of an ADORABLE family! Just precious! I really like the color choices for clothing because the colors were really fun to make POP! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE, (TRIPLE LOVE AGAIN) pictures that have poppin' colors. I think green is one of my favorite colors to photograph for some reason. Green shirts, green fields, green trees. Yeah, I like green for some reason . . . Maybe this picture is the reason!

But this wasn't the only fun picture we took. See that darling little baby in the picture? I know, you can hardly see her because she is mega tiny! But she's there! Trust me! She is TOTALLY her daddy's little girl! I got to take her picture when she was just like hours old! Oh wow. You know how I get with those babies!

So, as I processed the newborn pictures, they didn't say "make my colors POP." (Bet you didn't know pictures have a voice!) They said "make me elegant." Make me "serious." So I did. I processed these pictures to match the elegance and softness this baby reminds me of. Quite possibly, the elegance comes from her mother and her grandmothers. All very elegant women. So enjoy your sneek peek, Marissa . . . the rest will be up this weekend.