Friday, October 3, 2008

Go vote . . . again . . .please?

Oh my blog readers. 'Member that last photo contest I entered and all the kids were stacked super high on each other. That picture got a ton of votes. And I know it was all because of you precious people - my blog readers! Did I win? no. darn. Well guess what . . . I'm at it again!!!!!!!!!!! Same blog, MeRah Koh Photography, is having her monthly photo contest and she picked one of my images again. Now to be honest . . . the last picture was a total surprise to me that it was a finalist. But not this one baby! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE TRIPLE LOVE THIS PICTURE. I dreamed about taking this picture with this dog because I knew he could do it. Didn't know the shoes were gonna work out so fabulously, but hey! A girl's gotta get lucky sometime!

So here's a little background on this picture. Tracy, the owner of the dog, and I just recently became friends through mutual friends and church. We have so many things in common, including our crazy love for animals. When I was at her house for a jewelry party, I fell in love with her relationship with her dog. It was so sweet. He would be right next to her, starring at her intently as if he needed to protect her the entire time. NaPali, the superstar of the photo (next to the ever so miserable, yet gorgeous, shoes . . . oh! and those knockout legs!) is a very old dog. In fact, he is not doing well at all. According to Tracy, he's got epilipsy, failure in his hips, and a multitude of other medical issues that go along with an aging dog.

Anyway, there's much much more to this story, but let's just say . .. more than making me smile and giddy if my picture wins, it would be a personal victory for my friend even more so. I know it would put a smile on her face and give her more strength to continue to help NaPali live out his last days in peaceful comfort.

MeRah - Thanks so much for choosing my picture. You really have no idea how excited we are over this. I love this shot so much, but more than that, I love the friend that asked me to take it. You really made our little photo session that much more meaningful. Isn't that what photography is all about? This shot captures the love a dog has for his owner in a whimsical, goofy, NaPali kinda way. Thanks for hosting the contest.