Monday, September 8, 2008

Stan's the Man!

Everyday I get an email from this website telling me how many people visited my blog. Usually, it's not a ton. It's average for an average girl like me. But this is funny! So this afternoon I come home and I've got an email with numbers and they are like WAY off the charts. I'm talking in the 10,000's!!!!!!!!!! The site that monitors this stuff for me tells me that at somepoint everything kinda "broke" because the numbers were just too many! So now, of course, I'm thinkin" . . .OOHH GIRL! You're movin' up in the ole world! UH, REALITY CHECK. SO I look to see where the hits are coming from and it turns out everyone is fascinated with my Stan Carrizosa blogpost and picture(taken with a stupid cell phone camera of course!)

HE WON!!!!!!! So congrats Stan! Visalia is so proud of you. You seemed like such a great young man when we met you the other day and we've been rooting for you ever since the first day we watched you! Can't wait to see your video! (PS, can we maybe get you to leave us a comment on the blog? You'd make the day of a ton of little 5th grade fans!)